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Why Today Is Not The Best Time To Have Ever Lived!

I keep hearing that we live in the most prosperous of times. That it’s never been better to be alive. The opportunities are greater now for you as a human than ever before.

But I think this is a naive idea. Here’s why:

It’s partly true!

The pendulum swings equally both ways. When you go so far West you wind up in the East. When you go so far left, you end up right. You do too much good, you end up doing evil (That’s a hard one, isn’t it!)

So when we patronise our past history, we never look at the other side of the swing. We just see the good. We just see what we want to.

Here is what I mean:

We live on a planet that may be about to implode thanks to the greed of capitalism. This by our own hand.

We live in a world where we are so stressed, it created a whole new set of health risks.

We live in a world where we make more food than we need, every day, but half the world goes to be hungry.

We live in a world where the divorce rate is so high, substance abuse so prolific (just add the booze to that one) and depression has never been higher.

We live in a world where kids grow up parentless, while their parents sleep in the same house as them.

We did this to ourselves. The consequences are often hidden. We just don’t want to see!

Better is relative. Well-being is subjective. To say that this time is better than anything else is naive and arrogant. So yes, in some senses we have never had it better. But we have also never had it worse.

Maybe it’s time to change the narrative. Stop being so proud of the outcome and start being inspired a better goal. A more balanced goal where the pendulum doesn’t swing so much.

Maybe we should be focusing on creating a better planet, where we live happier lives, without such extreme. Maybe then and just then we can brag!

And maybe we should just say that this time is different, where have different opportunities. That’s all!