The biggest disruption is the disruption of Trust.

I work with organisations and help them rebuild a Systems of Trust to thrive the new digital age.



What is Trust and How Do You Build It?

Trust is like Love. Hard to define but essential for our wellbeing. Especially the wellbeing of our business.

It defines the quality of the relationships we have. Where there is trust, there is value. There is a willingness to move forward, to support, to collaborate, to share, to grow, to thrive!

After digging into this idea for a while, I see five key principles that are essential for trust to exist.

Principle 1: Own it. Be accountable.
Own up to your mistakes, your failures, your success and your impact. People will respect you if you stand behind what you do. In short, don’t be a dick.

Principle 2: Do what you say.
When you break your promise, you lose credibility. Your brand is a promise, your marriage is a promise, your friendships are a set of promises. Your agreement when you signed your employment contract is a promise. Do what you say you will do and have some integrity. You will sleep better at night.

Principle 3: Be honest.
We live in a world of broken trust, thanks to fake news and the lies. We don’t believe what people say to us anymore. Politicians are the worst. It’s time to stop, lying, cheating, manipulating your staff (yes, your staff) and your customers!

Principle 4: Competency.
Table sticks really. If you are going to sell something, you need to have the least viable competency. I can’t build a house. My brother’s can. If you can’t do something, stop pretending you can. And if you are going to sell something, make sure you do it well. No-one comes back for second-hand solutions when first-hand ones were promised.

Principle 5: Frequency.
A once-off can be a fluke. Ask Rick Ashely (Google it). We can only trust something when it happens the way we expect it happen, over time. It builds a rhythm, creates an expectation and defines a habit of doing. This is why MacDonalds grew to what it was.

At some level, these are simply common sense. And I don’t think there is more or less of any one principle. They just need to be there. After all, there is no such thing as half pregnant.