The biggest disruption is the disruption of Trust.

I work with organisations and help them rebuild a Systems of Trust to thrive the new digital age.



We Change To Stay The Same

And it’s time to change this idea.

Sure it works in some places and in some situations but it’s time to change why we change.

This idea comes out of the old outdated playbook. What we do is create an advantage, an identity, or an ideal, and build a moat. Then we defend what’s behind the moat-like trojan warriors. It’s hard work. It’s tough. It’s gruelling, exhausting work.

It takes authoritarian approach and leaders to make it work. It takes compliant foot soldiers, who do what they’re told.

To keep the system working we turn the idea authoritarian leader into an aspiration. We learn this at school. The goal is clear but the problem is being the leader is worse than being the foot soldier. Because most leaders are clueless. They see the moat and they defend, defend, defend! And the better the defence, the better the reward.

But what are you defending against?

You are defending this moat against your competition. – let’s call it your competitive advantage.

But your customers are also outside of the moat. They have no incentive to join you in the mindless defence. They don’t like your approach. They like the new rulebook that your competition is playing by. And they go join them because they don’t like your defensive strategy.

And there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you change.

You need to drain the moat. Let the putrid swamp that your moats created flow away. You need to break your walls down and join your customers where they are.

Spend time with them, understand who they are, what’s their problems are, what experience they want to fell. You need to look at how you can solve these problems through smarter technology, and build a lasting relationship.

It changes the leadership from the draconian dragon to an inspired vision with intent. Let’s call it your strategic intent. It changes your foot soldiers into real people who want to solve real problems.

It’s time to change to go with the flow. That’s the only way you will survive today’s world.