The biggest disruption is the disruption of Trust.

I work with organisations and help them rebuild a Systems of Trust to thrive the new digital age.



Think Differently. That’s all it takes.

There are as many realities in this world, as there are people. It’s all subjective. We see the world through the tinted lenses we created via our experiences and our cultural viewpoints.

There is no objective reality or truth out there.

There is just you. With your perspective, and your biases, that confirm these perspectives (confirmation biases), or your justifications on why you did what you did (cognitive dissonance). That’s it.

This is liberating because there is no grand plan.

It opens up a whole new world to you. Life’s fair! You get to choose what your next step is! Nothing is fixed. Nothing is permanent. There is nothing you have to do and there is no-one you have to be.

You are a blank canvas. In a good way.

It means you have a choice on who you wish to be, what you chose to do, how you choose to feel, where you choose to go.

That’s freedom.

Sure, you may have created some responsibilities that make demands on you. You cannot ignore them. But they need not define you. And they too will pass. The kids will grow up. They will move out.

No action is required. Just Perspective!

Which is the key to changing your world? Change how you think. How you perceive the world. If you want to change things, the key is to start with how you perceive the world you live in.

Then what you do, starts to look different. You are not so attached to it. It changes your world and your life

One day, one step, one change. Think Differently. That’s all it takes.