The biggest disruption is the disruption of Trust.

I work with organisations and help them rebuild a Systems of Trust to thrive the new digital age.



Marketing Made Simple: We Think With Our Emotions!

We like to think of ourselves as rational, logical beings. We like to think that the world we see, is objective.

Advertising is proof the proof that it does not work like this. Logical ads often fail. Emotional ads tend to work. We get sucked into the emotion of advertising and what it sells. We see ourselves experiencing the product or service and jump at it, or away from it.

Emotions will always trump logic. We will always default to the emotional response and justify our decisions afterwards.

And this is the marketing trick that is often missed. When you get the emotion that you want to create, you can build your marketing on this and expand it through the story you tell.

And it gets more powerful.

I often talk about what does not change in your business. The emotion that you want to create is one of your true north focus’s.

And when you do that, you will find that the disruption does not matter as much.