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Do You Remember The Last Ad You Heard? No?

Do you remember the ad you heard on the radio this morning? What about last nights TV ad? No? Of course not. I won’t even ask you to name five ads you heard in the last week.

We don’t remember what we read, write, talk about, and learn when they are once off things. We are not designed that way.

You are what you repeat.

When we keep repeating something, we remember it. And when we associate it with something else, it acts as a memory trigger.

You remember that your uncle came to Christmas every year, but not the once-off girlfriend. You remember your wife name but not the stranger you met last week. You remember the way you drive into work every day but not the random trips. You remember to put your shoes on after your socks, but not what you had for breakfast last week.

We call them habits.

We create habits when things repeated and associate them with things. It’s why the smoker lights up when she has a cup of coffee.

They are the patterns of our lives, of our business and the future we want to create. When we keep working on a subject and link different elements through associations, we become knowledgeable. We create new neural pathways and networks. They start to define us and the way we see the world.

And when there is a pattern, there is a system. And when you understand the pattern you understand the system. Then you can change the system. You can redefine it by repeating something new, over and over again.

Remember, You are what you repeat.