Michael Cowen

Keynote Speaker | Trust Builder

I have a hard confession to make. I dislike marketing. I have always struggled with the idea of selling things to people they don’t want (or need) with money they don’t have. 

Yet I have stayed in marketing for the better part of my life. Why? WTF? 

Plato summed it up when he said that man cannot have two masters. And this is where the great conflict lies for me.  

A business executive’s customer is the shareholder. The rest of the business’s customer is, well, the customer. The person who buys your stuff, paying you money. 

I want to make sure we are clear.  This is not a wall street rant. This is about value. Shareholder vs Customer Value. 

Shareholder want quick returns. They want money. Customers want a life time of service. They want you to solve the problems they have in their life. 

This is why I chose the customer. I like the idea of solving real problems. For real people. 

And this is why trust is so important.  It’s the currency of the future. 

The way trust works is changing. This is what digital disruption is about. And should define the approach to your digital transformation.