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4 Reasons Why Broken Trust, Breaks Your Business!

You had one job. That’s all. Just one job!

To get my family together for my mothers 80th birthday. And 80 years is a mile stone. There are a lot more 40th than there are 80th! It takes a long time to get there.

But when you fail at that one, very important (and the not-so-important) job, you’re going to break trust.

Let There Be No Monsters

Now, you may get away with a once off – even as extreme as this. Now, we don’t want to be the horrible, moaning monster. We don’t!

Yet, when you, as an airline, are always late, it’s a problem. And this is not a 10 minute, kind of late. It’s an hour, an hour and half, two, even three hours.

It’s Not About You.

I don’t fly with you for your convenience, or to keep you in business.

I fly to spend time with my friends and family. To make meetings that are in my interest. To go away with the people I care about.

And Kulula, while our relationship is quite transactional, you’ve broken my trust. It’s not me. It’s you! And I don’t trust you anymore!

And this is a problem for you.

When you break your customers trust, you are breaking your business. It’s a crisis of your own making!

You Are Not Alone.

While you were my muse in writing this, Kulula, you are not alone. Trust in institutions is falling. Today, people are more willing to trust a complete stranger than an institution.

And to the banks, the telco’s, the retailers, the financial services, the consumer goods companies, the health care providers. You are not exempt. you are not doing well.

These principles apply to you as much as they do to anyone other institution. Take it as a warning.

The 4 Reasons Why Trust Broke – And How To Fix it!

I can break this experience down to 4 simple reasons why you broke trust. And if you turn these four reasons in Principles of Trust, you can rebuild the lost trust. Here they are:

  1. Stop being indifferent. It does not feel like you care anymore. You need to have skin in the game. Be accountable. A wall of silence and indifferent communication will not work. If your behaviour does not change, saying sorry does not cut it.
  2. Do what you say you will do. It’s a question of integrity. If you say that you are leaving at such and such a time. Do it. You’re funny, amusing adverts are now getting irritating. And thats bad for your brand.
  3. Don’t lie or manipulate your staff or customers (this includes stealing or cheating). I put staff first as they are the ones facing your customers. They need to share what’s going. You would think that this is obvious, but honesty is a lonely word in today’s corporate world.
  4. Make sure that you have the skill to deliver what you promise. Simple competence. You would think it’s a no brainer. You need the right skills to on your promise. In your case it’s clear that you don’t. And I don’t care if you are outsourcing this or not. My relationship is with you.

Trust Ebbs and Flows, and is Always Profitable

What you do and how you do it, is more important than what you say. As I said, it’s too easy to say sorry.

If you are a parent, you get this, when your kid says sorry and turns around and does the same thing. Drives you nuts!

It’s how you behave that defines your reputation. It shows how trustworthy you are.

Where there is trust, you healthy relationships. Where you have healthy relationships, you have a healthy business. Trust is always profitable. Always.

Rebuilding Trust. Rebuilding Your Business.

Trust, once lost is very hard to regain. You have to work a lot harder. As customers, once bitten twice shy.

And don’t like it when we’re conned into doing something that backfires. We feel like twits. And none of us like to feel like a twit. So stop making us feel like twits!

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